Wizard Wizard

The Wizard Wizard is a library for the creation of cross-platform, GUI-independant wizards.

The wizard library supports extensible front-ends, currently implementing HTML over HTTP, and KDE. Types of input fields are also extensible; for example, validators (to limit the input to a particular set of values) can be added to an existing input type by subclassing.

Groups of pages can be extended multiple times (controlled by a numeric input), and checkboxes can be used both as boolean inputs, and to control the read-only nature of other inputs (not yet implemented on KDE).

Currently under development is a Wizard Wizard program, being a wizard front-end to allow the creation of a wizard.

Please contact the administrator if you would like to program new front-ends, examples, extended input types, or anything else. Patches and new developers welcome.

To download, please see the sourceforge page at http://www.sf.net/projects/wizardwizard

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